jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

We LOVE Temporary Tattoos

I can’t stop talking about it or recommending it to friends. It 

is such a unique, refreshing, and spirited concept. 

Skinfeelings adds a modern day twist to the temporary 


we all know and love. Unlike the temporary tattoos currently 

on the market, It offers inspirational words, 

mantras, and sayings to its customers who can put them on 

their skin and feel the words. Endless Love, Happiness, and 

Free Yourself are amongst the popular products you can 

purchase; it’s a great accessory to mix with your outfits, 

jewels, and more importantly your state of mind at the time.

Skinfeelings appeals to the bohemian, young, free-spirited girl who lusts after adventures, bathes in the sun, dances by the moon, and relishes in the freedom of life. “I really like this free spirit"

These temporary tattoos are small and discrete, so anyone can wear them at any time. You could be a sixty-year-old lawyer feeling happy one day, and so wears the Happiness tattoo. “There really is no limit, my audience is very large and you can wear them all year long, whether you are at the beach, at work, or even at your wedding,”

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