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Back To Cold 14/15

Itsomi´s Blog is BACK just for you!!

Hello Itsomi fans,

Welcome to a very special edition of the Itsomi blog. We are very pleased to let you all know that style is now at your fingertips ... itsomi.com is live!

24/7 Shopping experience!!

Itsomi loves its fans and we are so excited to bring you all the latest trends, fashion news, photos and much more..... New adventure, new ideas, and find out all about fashion in our blog.

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This week Itsomi has concentrated on our "BACK TO COLD 14" campaign. The shop has been transformed into a winter wonderland, full of this year's top fashion.

In the pictures: Equipment Leopard shift dress, Malene Birger Jumpsuit, matching feather Jacket and this stunning stone necklace , Essential Antwerp patchwork fur coat- Itsomi loves this piece.

New Brands in Itsomi :

Itsomi is happy to introduce our NEW brands for this winter!!

Lily and Lionel

Itsomi loves this brand and its story:

It starts in London with Lily, a dressmaker and her husband Lionel.

Together they supplied the most glamorous stores with collections of iconic printed scarves- the tradition lives on.

Each print is inspired by the discovery of beauty, it is all about the big REVEAL: as you unfold your scarf, the colours expand into a striking scene. More a keepsake than a simple accessory, these pieces bring the feel-good factor with the softest luxury fabrics. So the story ends with you, wrapped up in your scarf wherever and however you like.

"Am already preparing for next season´s pink fad.This printed scarf and the subtlest of prints. Perfect preparatory" 

- Martha Ward for VOGUE.COM

Come and see Lily and Lionel at itsomi.com


AMS Pure is based on the purest essence of clothing, its collections are based on knitwear. A contemporary and cosmopolitan style, it is sheer and avant-garde. The selected fabrics and materials used are of the highest quality and shape. AMS Pure uses a neutral and discreet palette with the occasional touch of colour.

AMS Pure create timeless garments, a trendy, cool and versatile brand that can be worn all year around. From a contemporary "sports chic" goes hand-in-hand with high doses of elegance and originality.

Mi & CO

Mi & Co was born from the illusion of a small team consisting of two generations related to fashion.

Mi & Co like the natural, genuine, authentic essence, inspired by Formentera where they relax and daydream surrounded by the beauty of the elements. Its light , its warmth, its crystal waters. 
Itsomi loves the Mi & Co collection of jumpers, knitwear, scarves and matching tracksuits. Lounge in style with affordable prices.

Filippa K

Effortless yet fashionable garments with a clean design and high quality. Essential pieces to build a perfect wardrobe around, and long-lasting in both style and quality. That was the mantra of Filippa K in 1993 and is still the essence of her brand today. 

Itsomi adores this brand, its young, fresh and fashion. Great prices for forever garments

"We strive for the pure and simple. We stay personal and genuine. We are timeless within our time." - Filippa Knutsson

Just Over The Top

J.O.T.T. also known as “Just Over The Top”. Bright colours, super light and very affordable. That’s what this brand is all about. 

Every jacket consists of 285 grams of goose fluff, which guarantees you to be a really comfortable jacket without getting puffy. Best of all: if you’re tired of wearing it, you can easily fold it an put it in this very small bag to carry around everywhere! Available now in Itsomi store and online.

Itsomi is starting a new adventure and we would love you all to enjoy the journey with us.

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In next week's blog:

  • The biggest trend of winter 14/15
  • Snuggle and cuddle: this winters must buys to keep cosy


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