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The Top Trends To Stay Cosy This Winter 14/15

# 1 The Bomber Jacket 

Everyone is wearing one! 
Originally trendy in the eighties, the bomber Jacket is back thanks to the new shapes, textures and colours. Itsomi has the perfect collection of bomber jackets by "Just Over The Top" aka J.O.T.T. Choose your favourite now!

Jacket Luxe Fur Hood By J.O.T.T

J.O.T.T brand new super cool shop in Marseille.

#2 Oversized Coats

Winter 14/15 Fashion has seen an abundance of oversized coats, it seems "the bigger the better" and we love it! 
Whether you prefer leather, wool or fur, as the temperatures drop the oversized coat is perfect for comfort, style and warmth. 
Essentiel Antwerp has us jumping with excitement with their collection of oversized coats, bomber jackets, fur jackets, woolly jackets and more....

                                           Hletcher duffer Coat By Essentiel atwerp

#2 The Tracksuit

The day has finally arrived girls: We can dress down in style with this winter´s top trend, The coordinated tracksuit. Another blast from the 80s but a lot less hanging loose hip-hop style bottoms and MORE fitted, matchy-matchy, skinny leg bottoms with elasticated ankle cuffs.
Needless to say the tracksuit has taken over: dress it up with a heel or a sneaker wedge or dress it down with a sparkly trainer. 

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